Version 1.0: Changelog

Cerebos: The Crystal City officially exits early access today. This update marks the completion of all outstanding content-based stretch goals from the game's crowdfunding campaign, and with it, the fulfillment of all digital rewards. Note that page numbers refer to the PDF version of the game.

Core Rulebook

  • Added four-page introductory comic “City of Surprises” by Cynthia Yuan Cheng (pp. 2–5), plus a bonus epilogue page (p. 91)
  • Updated “Credits and Acknowledgements” (p. 6) to include authors of stretch goal Conductors (see below)
  • Added four new illustrations: “Meet the Conductors” (p. 18) and “Traffegg Jam” (p. 50) by Kaninchenbau, and “I Hate Phantom Mothman” (p. 39) and “Speeding Along Like Dynamite (pp. 58–59) by Madeleine Ember. This rounds out fulfillment of the the "Double Art” stretch goal.
  • Expanded preamble/genre discussion for all four existing Conductors (pp. 20–23)
  • Inserted hyperlinked page references for Conductor Powers that modify or replace standard Train and Stop Actions, pointing to the relevant Action’s writeup (pp. 20–26)
  • Corrected several incomplete/improperly formatted pull quote citations (pp. 20, 26, 52, 54)
  • Made minor clarifications to the “Musical Journey Through Space” Conductor’s Montage Power (p. 23)
  • Added three new Conductors: “Surreal Anime Bildungsroman” by Ashley Flanagan (p. 24), “Twisted Folk Horror” by Madeleine Ember (p. 25), and “Mythic Transgression” by Zach Welhouse (p. 26)
  • Restored missing page border art to the “Random Touchstones” appendix (pp. 74–83)

Events and Stops

  • Added printing instructions to “Events and Stops” PDF
  • Added “Cities of Motion” by Zach Welhouse to the Events packet
  • Added “Cities of Persistence” by Zach Welhouse to the Stops packet
  • Added blank and form-fillable Events/Stops table templates to download package; these resources are also available via the Penguin King Games website

Quick Reference Postcards

  • Reformatted print-and-play PDFs to have more printer-friendly margins
  • Updated page references throughout “Summary” reference card to reflect updated core rulebook pagination
  • Updated page reference in Waking Dream Power of “Psychogrit” conductor reference card to reflect updated core rulebook pagination
  • Update description of “Musical Journey Through Space” Conductor’s Montage Power to reflect core rulebook changes
  • Added reference cards for “Surreal Anime Bildungsroman”, “Twisted Folk Horror”, and “Mythic Transgression” (see above)


  • Fixed several formatting issues with passport-style character record sheet; this resource has also been made available via the Penguin King Games website
  • Download package reorganised to gather all blank playsheets into a zipfile and keep the length of the file list from getting out of control


cerebos-the-crystal-city-1.0-core-rulebook.pdf 8 MB
Sep 21, 2021
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Sep 21, 2021
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Sep 21, 2021
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Sep 21, 2021
cerebos-the-crystal-city-1.0-events-and-stops-cards.pdf 296 kB
Sep 21, 2021 36 MB
Sep 21, 2021
cerebos-the-crystal-city-1.0-summary.pdf 276 kB
Sep 21, 2021
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Sep 21, 2021

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