Playtest Draft 0.254: Changelog

This is a smaller revision than the last one, focusing primarily on stretch goal fulfillment for the game's Kickstarter campaign rather than large structural changes. Note that all page numbers refer to the PDF version of the game.

Core Rulebook

  • Updated "Credits and Acknowledgements" (p. 2) and "Illustration Credits" (p. 80) sections to reflect new contributors (see below)
  • Added extended examples of play to the "Flashbacks" (pp. 30–31) and "Endgame" (pp. 56–59) sections
  • Added four new illustrations: "It Begins" (p. 11) and "A Delightful Jest" (p. 29) by Kaninchenbau, "Night Scene" (p. 43) by Madeleine Ember, and "Great Escape" (p. 51) by Shel Kahn.
  • Updated the "Supporters" appendix (pp. 81–86)

Events and Stops


  • Fixed an issue with the form-fillable character sheet where the "In the Second Leg, I Am..." box was defaulting to "A Demon" and would not permit blank selection (which is pretty important, since you don't start out knowing the answer!)

Also, you can check out a two-page preview of the game's forthcoming introductory comic by Cynthia Yuan Cheng here:

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