Playtest Draft 0.253: Changelog

Note: all page numbers refer to the PDF version of the game; the EPUB's page numbering will vary depending on which EPUB reader you're using, and the HTML version of course has no page numbers.

Core Rulebook

  • Re-organised core rulebook to make room for forthcoming stretch goal content (various pages)
  • Widened margins and revised page border art in PDF edition; both should now be friendlier to home printers (all pages)
  • Experimental fix for inconsistent left margin on bulleted lists in some EPUB readers (various pages)
  • Relocated the Glossary section to precede rather than follow the "Getting Started" chapter introduction; as a side effect, it's now part of the "Summary" chapter instead (pp. 8–10)
  • Added glossary entries for "Cerebos", "Gamemaster" and "Traveler", and updated the entry for "Momentum" (pp. 8–10)
  • Added a section to the "Getting Started" chapter discussing player safety tools (p. 12)
  • Updated the mechanics for the Easy Confidence, Naturalist's Pen, and Tea and Doughcakes Conductor Powers (pp. 16, 18)
  • Added player safety notes for secret goals (pp. 24–25)
  • Inserted names and page references for which particular Conductor Powers are being demonstrated in each of the "Use a Conductor Power" examples (pp. 28, 39)
  • Clarified how solo flashbacks work, especially in GMless games (p. 30)
  • Clarified how to break certain kinds of ties in GMless games (pp. 30, 48)
  • Added a new section discussing what Danger is and what various Danger levels mean (p. 32)
  • Removed an errant reference to forced Trait checks at the ends of Train Action turns when Event Danger is high (p. 34)
  • Revised and expanded the rules for how Danger works at Stops, specifically addressing what happens if a Stop's Danger becomes zero as a result of a forced Trait check when leaving the Stop (p. 36)
  • Clarified how using a keepsake effect to re-narrate the results of a Trait check works (p. 40)
  • Clarified the mechanical effects of partial success on a Trait check (p. 44)
  • Modified the discussion of how the Almanac and the Atlas work to reflect stretch goal extensions to the Events and Stops packets (p. 46)
  • Expanded options for what happens when your traveler reaches four Damage (p. 48)
  • Completed "Random Touchstones" appendix (pp. 70–79)
  • Added first-pass version of "Crowdfunding Supporters" appendix (pp. 81–86)
  • Miscellaneous typographic fixes (various pages)

Events and Stops

  • Added "Hauntings" by Will Mendoza, "Onboard Amenities" by Paul 'Ettin' Matijevic, and "Shadows on the Tracks" by Amelia Gorman to the Events packet
  • Added "Lost Aviaries" by Pam Punzalan, "Clearly Cursed Trees" by Natalie Ash, and "Relics and Reclamations" by Paul 'Ettin' Matijevic to the Stops packet
  • Updated language of various keepsake powers to match revised wording of Trait check rules

Quick Reference Postcards

  • Updated page references throughout "Summary" reference card to reflect revised core rulebook structure
  • Updated description of Easy Confidence and Naturalist's Pen Powers of "Adventure!" conductor reference card to match revised Power mechanics in core rulebook
  • Updated page reference in Waking Dream Power of "Psychogrit" conductor reference card to reflect revised core rulebook structure
  • Updated description of Tea and Doughcakes Power of "All-Ages Fairy Tale" conductor reference card to match revised Power mechanics in core rulebook


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