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Author's note: in a Tumblr-based discussion around June of 2020, I remarked that it doesn't make sense to talk about combat and roleplaying as separate activities in tabletop roleplaying games, because a battle can be a story. “Olaf hits the dragon with his sword” is a narrative; it’s not a deep narrative, but they don’t all have to be! Tumblr user the-mountain-archives then commented that they'd like to see a tabletop RPG called “Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword”. the-mountain-archives, if you're reading this, I want you to understand that this is 100% your fault.

Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword is a tabletop microgame for one or two players. It's about... well, pretty much what it says on the tin! You'll need at least four dice in each of six colours (the number of sides isn't terribly important, as long as they're all the same), or a dice-rolling app that supports colour-coded dice pools.


Written and edited by David J Prokopetz.

Design, layout and illustration by Ember + Ash.

Actual Play







A Call, a Crew, a Siren, a Silence by iterationdrive

The Eternal Thompson Gunner by splittheeadam

Hamartēseis: A Game of Tragedy by Leah

We Attack and Shatter the Throne by Scampir and Genevieve

What We Built, They Tear Asunder by xanofmercia


Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons logo Attribution Required logo


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Played with a group of friends and the narrative was so much fun! We also had fun with all the multi-colored math rocks <3

i played with my friend and it was real fun!

transcript: https://skeletonplanet.com/transcript-olaf-hits-the-dragon-with-sword.html

This is a work of art. Well done.