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Welcome to Costume Fairy Adventures, a game about fairies.

In costumes.

Having adventures.

(Fairies are not good at creative titles.)

From enchanted forests to star-faring spaceships, and even to your own backyard, fairies can be found just about anywhere – and where fairies go, shenanigans are sure to follow! Drawing magic from the power of mischief, fairies can turn the world upside-down with whimsical wishes and preternatural pranks – and when their usual tricks aren't enough, new talents are only a change of clothes away.

Costume Fairy Adventures is an improvisational roleplaying game for 2 to 7 players. Gather your friends and a handful of six-sided dice and take on the role of a fairy of your very own. With lightning-fast character creation, over 100 ready-to-wear costumes courtesy of the Core Costume Deck, and a whole passel of pregenerated pranking patsies – including fuddled philosophers, solicitous spiders, and gnefarious gnomish gnecromancers – you'll be ready for mischief in mere minutes.

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

This game includes:

  • The Costume Fairy Adventures Core Rulebook PDF, in both singles (one-up) and spreads (two-up) formats
  • A 108-card print-and-play Core Costume Deck PDF
  • A zipfile containing high-resolution images of all 108 cards (for use in online tabletop apps)
  • A freely distributable Costume Reference Booklet PDF (for use in online games that aren't using a tabletop app)*
  • Character record sheet PDFs in both printable and form-fillable formats*

* The indicated items are also available for download from the Penguin King Games website at penguinking.com.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this tabletop RPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

cfa-core-rulebook-r1.03-singles.pdf 28 MB
cfa-core-rulebook-r1.03-spreads.pdf 28 MB
cfa-core-costume-deck-r1.01.pdf 3 MB
cfa-core-costume-deck-r.1.01.zip 25 MB
cfa-costume-reference-booklet-r1.01.pdf 178 kB
cfa-character-sheet-printable.pdf 164 kB
cfa-character-sheet-fillable.pdf 666 kB

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